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We are ERP Cloud hosting services experts

Argus is a leader in Cloud based Hosting Services for ERP, CRM, e-Commerce and other front and back office solutions. We specialize in delivering Software as a Service via a desktop or the internet so that your mission critical applications achieve maximum uptime and your IT department can be streamlined for innovation, not maintenance.


Argus operates globally to bring Cloud based Hosting to companies on every continent, in every time-zone, in every city. Around the clock and around the world support  is what we deliver.


We are experienced. Argus is solely focused on Cloud Based Hosting but our inception came from business critical applications such as ERP. As such, we understand corporate expectations of no-fail, maximum uptime requirements. We also understand that companies must strive for lean, innovative IT departments and cannot be weighed down by large IT capital expenditures and staff that are hampered by maintenance issues rather than empowered by the freedom to develop and innovate.


Argus Hosting will lower your company’s total cost of operations, ownership, and capital expenditures, and will increase your company’s successful use of critical software applications.


Argus operates, your company works!

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